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    Babes, welcome to your new favourite loyalty programme; where we bring you rewards just for treating your hair with your favourite Lee Stafford products. Whether you're shopping with us, following us or sharing our worst kept secrets, we believe that you deserve a little something extra!

    How It Works


    Sign Up by creating an account.


    Earn points by completing activities, referring friends or by placing orders.


    Redeem your points to unlock reward vouchers to get discounts or free products.


    Enjoy your rewards, 'cos you earned them!


    Claiming Rewards


    Earn Points

    • Create an Account = 200 Points

    • Newsletter Signup = 500 Points

    • Follow us on Insta = 300 Points

    • TOTAL = 1,000 Points


    Choose your Rewards

    Hair Lengthening Treatment

    FREE Hair Growth Treatment

    1000 points



    Redeem Vouchers

    • Redeem points for a voucher code

    • Add the product to your cart

    • Add the voucher code during checkout

    • Done! 

      And no need to thank us!

    Earn points for purchases + activities



    PINK Points for every 

    dollar you spend.

    Create an Account

    200 PINK Points

    Create an online account and earn points instantly!

    Refer Friends

    1,000 PINK Points

    When you refer friends, you earn 1000 points when they purchase PLUS they get a $5 discount

    Newsletter Signup

    500 PINK Points

    Signup to our newsletter for all the latest news, perks and offers.

    Follow Us

    300 PINK Points

    Follow us on Instagram and instantly get rewarded!

    unlock rewards that you actually want!

    We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we believe in giving you the flexibility to choose rewards that matter to you. Whether it’s your free products, free delivery or cash discounts you choose! Simply, choose your reward, grab your code and add it to your cart!

    The best part is, our rewards change monthly so keep checking back to see what new rewards you can get your hands on! This month you have:

    For every 


    Pink Points you redeem, you get a $1 to saving off your order. 

    FREE Hair Lengthening Treatment

    1,000 PINK Points

    Birthday Bonus

    500 PINK Points

    *requires 30 day approval period

    10% Off Hair Apology

    200 PINK Points

    FREE Delivery

    799 PINK Points

    $5 Discount

    1,000 PINK Points

    Minimum Order spend = €20

    $10 Discount

    2,000 PINK Points

    Minimum Order spend = €20

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