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     Bleach  Blondes  Collection 

    Toning for Bleached, Highlighted and Ombre Hair

    Whether you are looking to care for your blonde hair, tone it or treat it, our Bleach Blondes collection is exactly what your strands need to look Salon Fresh. 

    Our Bleach Blondes collection has been designed to deeply repair bleached hair from root-to-tip, while also controlling and toning strands to your perfect level of blonde.

    The range has been split up into three categories, to help you find the right products to achieve the exact outcome you're looking for. Keep reading to discover what each range offers offers, whether that be purple toning, silver toning for platinum blondes or every day blonde care.

    Bleach Blondes Purple Reign 

    The purple toning collection that removes warmth from blonde hair.

    The Purple Reign collection was born from our original Award Winning purple toning Shampoo. Our purple toning range contains violet pigments to target and eliminate annoying yellow tones. A trouble-shooting, game-changing collection that helps to keep brassy hair at bay. Use these professional strength products every other wash to keep colour salon fresh and use every day for a purple hue.

    Bleach Blondes Purple Reign Toning Shampoo

    Purple Shampoo


    Our original, powerful Purple Toning Shampoo to remove warm tones for a brighter blonde.

    Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Reign Hot Shots

    purple toning sachets


    4 conveniently packed Purple toning sachets to restore colour and banish brassy tones

    Bleach Blondes Ice White 

    The silver toning collection for platinum blondes to achieve cool, ashy tones. 

    The Ice White collection has been formulated to cool down your colour and instantly neutralise orange tones with a shot of blue pigment for a silver tone. Use this range every other wash to keep colour cool and vibrant or use every day to overtone to grey. Layer up each of these toning products for the iciest blonde.

    Bleach Blondes Ice White Toning Conditioner

    Silver Toning Conditioner


    A colour correcting Silver Toning conditioner to cool down your colour and enhance ashy, silver tones.

    Bleach Blondes Ice White Toning Treatment

    silver toning treatment


    Treat and shield your hair from damage, while cooling down your colour with this luxurious, colour correcting treatment.

    Bleach Blondes Colour Love 

    The collection designed for every day cleansing and care just for Blondes.

    Our Colour Love collection offers blondes more than just colour protection, this nourishing range also contains subtle purple pigments to maintain your blonde inbetween toning washes - It’s not just about colour, it’s also about caring for the overall health of your blonde too.

    Bleach Blondes Everyday Care Tone Saving Shampoo



    An everyday Blondes shampoo that protects colour and restores blonde hair.

    Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Everyday Care Golden Girl Oil



    This simple, serum-like magical mixture helps to hydrate hair and neutralise those nasty brassy tones. A total tone saver! 



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