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Our most iconic range, and an award winning collection, our protein based Hair Growth range promotes healthy hair growth. For longer, stronger hair with more body and fullness.

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7 Products
Grow It Longer Styling Treatment Cream
A multi-tasking Styling Cream that repairs your hair, whilst shielding against damage and breakage for longer, stronger hair
Grow It Longer Activation Leave-In Treatment
A lightweight Grow It Longer Tonic with Caffeine and Protein to nourish and boost scalp health and help hair grow
Grow It Longer Activation Treatment Mask
The original growth boosting Treatment Mask to lengthen and strengthen from within This clever pot of magic accelerates growth whilst strengthening, repairing and reducing damage
Grow It Longer Stimulating Scalp Serum
Like fuel for your hair follicles, this multi-tasking Serum improves your overall scalp health to encourage better growth
Grow It Longer Activation Shampoo
Gently cleanses and stimulates your scalp, while encouraging hair growth and protecting against breakage
Grow It Longer Activation Conditioner
This moisture balancing Conditioner nourishes and hydrates your hair and scalp, to add strength and reduce breakage; for longer, stronger hair!
Grow It Longer Stimulating Scalp Scrub
Removes product build-up and unblocks hair follicles to improve scalp health and encourage your hair to grow
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